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 Zoey Farrow- Evil Character (Replacing old Zoey)

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PostSubject: Zoey Farrow- Evil Character (Replacing old Zoey)   Sun Apr 18, 2010 5:13 pm

Name: Zoey Farrow
Age: 19
Birthday: 17th February
Height: 6'2

- Pale, dirt-stained skin,
- Eyes darkened by the strain of infection (See bio),
- Very worn, dirty and tired wardrobe, consisting mostly of dresses.
- Black hair, stretching down to her shoulders in a messy fashion.
- Mostly converse shoes.

Pic: Click spoilers to see

Daisies, Chocolate, Foreign languages, Dogs, Games, pranks.
Insects, asparagus, Leontine, suprises.

Character pros:
Fluent in Italian, picks up languages quickly, quite athletic.
Character flaws:
Extremely emotional since the disease, easily startled, experiences mood swings.

Daryl (Father)
Olivia (Mother)

Zoey was once an aspiring athlete, hoping to one day compete in the Olympics. She was good friends with a girl named Leontine, until the girl contracted an almost rabies-like disease, which mutated her friend to an animalistic horror.
Being her friend, Zoey tried to talk Leontine out of the sickness, but Leontine, under the strain of the disease, attacked her, and Zoey quickly became infected too.

It took weeks for Zoey to change. She was so sad, so upset that her friend had betrayed and attacked her. She didn't notice the disease crawling in, didn't notice it changing her.

Within weeks, Zoey was a monster. Her hands created a strange, sticky, dirt-like substance hands that stuck to almost every surface. It allowed her inhuman feats, the strange substance allowed her to stick to walls.
She grew the same terrible bloodlust her friend did, and to feed, instead of Leontine's claw-like hands, she grew terribly sharp teeth.
Both anomalies were extremely useful for hunting.

She found herself getting horrid eyesight. She couldn't see in the mirror, but her eyes had been rotting away. They had the most horrible black colour.

This was all extremely upsetting for poor Zoey.
She began to detest the daytime, where she could almost clearly see herself. During the day, she would sit herself down and weep all throughout the day, attacking anyone who dared come near.

But, in the night, she acted almost normal. She would get up and wander around like a normal human being, despite her gruesome mutations. Most hunting would take place during the night, too, when stealth was easiest.

However, the normal world didn't accept her. Didn't want to see this 'monster'. So, she evacuated to Demonia.
At the time, she wasn't aware that Leontine was living there too.

Extra info:
Zoey likes pranks. She will occasionally creep back into the normal world and break into homes, crawl on walls and scare as many people as she can.
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Zoey Farrow- Evil Character (Replacing old Zoey)
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