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 Lola Hatsune (evil)

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PostSubject: Lola Hatsune (evil)   Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:18 pm

Name: Lola Hatsune
Age: 17
Birthday: Fall 29
Height: 4'11
Appearence: at Day: grey/green eyes, long, soft black hair. usually wears a high school uniform or dark colors. Sometimes ties her hair back with red ribbon in two lose pigtails.
At night: Looks younger. Eyes turn blood red. Skin becomes paler. Hair becomess darker and more brown.
Wears alot of lace. Her outfits are usually blood stained.

Pic: Day:


Likes: (day) Singing, art, shojo manga, (night) blood, her first love.
Dislikes: (day) school, butterflies, (night) herself.
Character pros: (day and night) a wonderful singer and artist (both artisticly and musicly)
Character flaws: (day) bad student, (night) drinks blood
Family: None
Pet: None
Bio: Ran away from home at age 15. She ran into the forest at midnight. A creature attacke dher from behind and sunk it's fangs into her neck. She passed out due to lack of blood and woke up as part vampire. In a momnet of maddness, she killed her family, not knowing about her powers yet.
Extra info: She hates to hear herself sing.
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PostSubject: Re: Lola Hatsune (evil)   Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:43 am

Reminds me of myself slightly....I hate to hear myself sing...
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Lola Hatsune (evil)
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